Suzanne Petri

Actor & Singer

The People's Temple "...fine actresses such as Cheryl Graeff and Suzanne Petri explicate the strange way ordinary lives can go so wrong, while Amy Matheny’s lighter performance adds another key dimension to this story.”

The Hairy Ape American Theatre Company "An excellent ensemble that includes Suzanne Petri as Mildred's Dowager Aunt and later as a union boss. "

Hedy Weiss Chicago Sun Times

"Yank's encounter with a Union Organizer--played wittily in male drag by Petri--conveys everything "The Hairy Ape" has to offer.."

Michael Phillips Chicago Tribune

Book of Mercy Chicago Dramatists "Suzanne Petri leads the cast as Stella, a strong woman by outward appearances who must come to terms with her true love and all of the vulnerability that will surely bring. Petri is dazzling in the role. She finds the strength in letting go with the same poise that she uses when she befriends her ex-husband's new fiancee. Her voice rolls out across the audience like a sweet mist as she struggles to find answers to questions life has put before her."

Paul Barile, Chicago Arts and Entertainment

"In the central role of Stella, Petri paints a vibrant and intriguing portrait of a woman of false confidence and insecure bravado."

Jeff Rossen, Gay Chicago

The Man Who Came to Dinner Wagon Wheel Theatre
"Suzanne Petri is the essence of glamour over the edge, she certainly knows how to make an entrance, growling and prowling the stage predatorily as if the leopard were on a leash instead of her hat.."

Marcia Fulmer, Elkhart Truth

Zorba Apple Tree Theatre
"Bringing pathos and Gallic charm to this dark Aegean musical is Suzanne Petri, adorable and touching at every turn as Hortense, the aging chanteuse and party girl who wants nothing more than to marry Zorba."

Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times

Twelfth Night Goodman Theatre
"Petri, as the priggish Malvolio, comes off best, because her stylized tension works with the character's repression."

Albert Williams, The Reader

"The only successful marriage of cross casting and good acting occurred in the role of Malvolio...a performance marked by outstanding physical comedy...just the right combination of over-formality and excess. An acting triumph for Petri"

David Brinkenhoff, Chicago Maroon

A Little Night Music Civic Theatre
"Remarkable pictures from Chicago Theatre...Suzanne Petri, whose rendition of 'Send In The Clowns'...made the song sound completely fresh. Particularly outstanding... the scintillating Petri, whose throaty voice and marvelous acting worked to perfection"

Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times

Butter and Egg Man Northlight Theatre
"Even more precisely in tune with the style of the comedy is Petri...the brassy, wise-cracking ex-vaudeville juggler who is the thorn in his side."

Richard Christiansen, Chicago Tribune

House of Blue Leaves New American Theatre, Rockford
"Suzanne Petri, the master Bunny, the boisterous mistress, wonderfully played by Petri."

Gail Baruch, Register Star

The Merry Wives of Windsor Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival
"Petri makes her debut an auspicious one as Mistress Ford... powerfully suited to (her) role... she works exceptionally well in their plot to pour cold water on the fiery passions of Falstaff."

Cleveland Plain Dealer

Independence Theatre Three, Minneapolis.
"Petri gives a standout performance as Kess. At one and the same time tough but vulnerable, independent but longing to be loved, Petri's Kess is a bundle of contradictions."

Robert Collins, City Lights

A History of the American Film Out and About Theatre, Minneapolis
"Petri (Bette) has the flashiest role and the stage presence to match. Her hilarious turns as Bette Davis, Marilyn Monroe, and a hard bitten moll win Petri 'best parodist' honors."

Minneapolis Star and Tribune

Florida Performance Art Shop, Minnesota
"Of the actors, Suzanne Petri, as the mother is a real find, an impressive actress who grabs the stage and does things with it."

Mike Steele, Minneapolis Tribune


By Rodgers and Hammerstein

Directed by Damon Kiely

"Suzanne Petri's Aunt Eller is a knockout"

Chris Jones Chicago Tribune

"And sitting front and center -- churning butter and taking in the sun as it shines on the Western territory soon to become a state -- is Aunt Eller (played winningly, with sensuality and grit, by Suzanne Petri)."

Hedy Weiss Chicago Sun Times

"Suzanne Petri makes Aunt Eller a down-to-earth pioneer woman. American Theater Company reinvents 'Oklahoma!' superbly."

Dan Zeff Copley News Service

"The terrific work from Suzanne Petri as Aunt Eller anchors the show. She is always in command." Highly Recommended

Tom Williams Chicago

"Suzanne Petri's feisty Aunt Eller rises above"

Time Out Chicago

"Suzanne Petri, as Eller, drive far beyond her familiar cabaret chanteuse profile to create a gritty, humorous matriarch."

-Chicago Free Press