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Suzanne Petri at Davenport’s
Read the review here!


“Book of Mercy” by Carson Grace Becker at Chicago Dramatists Suzanne Petri and Richard Henzel

“Waiting For Lefty” at American Blues Theater Suzanne and Manny Buckley


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Suzy and Bob events upcoming:

Dear Friends,

Happy Hanukkah 2020!
Well we made it to December in this year of pandemic and we have lost so many people... However, we do have hope on the horizon as long as January 20, 2021 arrives and Congress does its work finally for the American people who so desperately need it.
In February I last updated my website and soon after cancellations galore.
Everything I've done since the week of March 10th, the last nine months, has just been sending last minute newsletters... Just so very busy as everything has gone crazy. Just always stuff. Just oy.
I take care of my “patient” Bill. With the Blind Service Association I do short story club and storytelling club plus work with clients. I read to my friend Sally and sometimes we do shopping. Of course Doctor-going takes a lot of time and all the business that goes with it.

We miss people so much, especially hugging and kissing, performing for our audiences and meeting folks at shows, having meetings and rehearsals (our last in-person rehearsal was March 14th--also the last play we went to) This is so hard but luckily we can see each other’s faces and hear each other‘s voices on Zoom and FaceTime. Bob and I are so lucky to have each other and pursue our artistic endeavors together.
We always have show business! Well… virtual show business...

Lots of readings with Chicago Writers Bloc, also Perennial Theatre Chicago; working on “Bread and Salt” and Bob just adapted “A Child’s Christmas in Wales” plus auditions, auditions, auditions. Bob played the Colonel in "Meet John Doe" for Chicago Senior Radio Players and that will be available to watch soon!
Gratitude abounds.

So...as we get all that together, watch our interview with Dr.Greta Pope and Jess Jones from the Kaufherr Center at SAG-AFTRA, and go to It's a Wonderful Life: Live in Chicago! at American Blues and the Virtual CCP Gala on Sunday 13 December at 7pm
It's a Cabaret Life
Love you miss you all!!!
Suzy, Bob and Lucy...and Maxie!

Join Dr. Greta Pope and her guests, husband and wife team Bob Breuler and Suzanne Petri.
This legendary Chicago "Power Couple" will share perspectives on life, work, marriage and the pandemic! Join us on Friday, November 20th, at 11:00 a.m. CT for a fun hour of chat.
See you then!


Also check out Greta's conversations with Joe Wright and Joan Hammel, Judy Blue and
Richard Shavzin and Friday, December 11th Kathleen Lawlor and Mike Ward

NOVEMBER 12, 2020 – JANUARY 2, 2021 (virtually)


Based on the film by: Frank Capra
Directed by: Gwendolyn Whiteside*
Music directed: Michael Mahler*
Original score by: Austin Cook*

For over 19 years, American Blues has treated audiences to a live retelling of the Frank Capra classic in a 1940s radio broadcast tradition, making It’s a Wonderful Life: Live in Chicago! the second longest-running holiday play in Chicago! To learn more, read our Artistic Director’s note and Backstage Guide. View our digital program.
*Ensemble member or Artistic Affiliate of American Blues Theater
(773) 654-3103 box office
VIRTUAL – from your own home!
Runs 90 minutes, no intermission.
Tickets range $25-$55
The Bedford Box $50 (details below)
Videos by Stage Channel
CAST Audrey Billings, Dara Cameron*, Ian Paul Custer*, Brandon Dahlquist, Shawn Goudie*, Manny Buckley, Michael Mahler*, John Mohrlein*.
PRODUCTION TEAM: Gwendolyn Whiteside* (director), Michael Mahler* (music director & jingle composer), Austin Cook* (score composer), Grant Sabin* (scenic), Katy Peterson Viccellio (lighting), Christopher J. Neville* (costumes), Keegan Bradac (sound), Elyse Dolan* (set dressing & props), Paul Deziel* (projections), Shandee Vaughan* (production & stage manager).

It's a Cabaret Life!
DECEMBER 13, 2020 at 7PM (CT)

 A concert from Chicago's living rooms, theatres, sound studios, nightclubs, rehearsal halls, neighborhoods--our homes to yours.  This concert is being presented to Chicagoland nursing homes, assisted living, and retirement center's staff & residents to lift spirits with The Gift of Music.

Register to receive a link:  www.ChicagoCabaret.org
Choose a channel:
Join some of your favorite Chicago cabaret performers in this celebration of music and the season.
There is no charge for the show, but we do ask, if you can, to make a donation when submitting your registration. Any amount is welcome & appreciated.


Also check out this NITE LIFE EXCHANGE article about our dear friends and Fabulous performers, husband and wife Musical Artists Anne and Mark Burnell.
Nite Life Exchange Anne and Mark Burnell

Need something to sip during the show?
Looking for a great holiday gift?
Order Chicago Cabaret vodka from

If you don't want to wait for delivery
Pick up at:
PROVISIONS in Rogers Park
A portion of the proceeds from Chicago Cabaret Vodka supports CCP.

Gold Coast Honoree (in memoriam):
Tecora Rogers

Arlene Armstrong, Jamie Brady, Anne Burnell, Mark Burnell, Caryn Caffarelli, Wydetta Carter, Maureen Christine, Cynthia Clarey, Jeff Dean, Elizabeth Doyle, David Edelfelt, John Eskola, Hilary Ann Feldman, Cindy Firing, Laura Freeman, Cathy Glickman, Carla Gordon, Sophie Grimm, Scott Gryder, Ester Hana, Claudia Hommel, Anita Kallen, Gaye Klopak, Amy Lechelt, Beckie Menzie, Tom Michael, LaShera Moore Ellis, Bob Moreen, Marianne Murphy Orland, Daryl Nitz, Anne Palermo, Pam Peterson, Suzanne Petri, Greta Pope, Patricia Salinski, Josephine Sanges, Cheryl Szucsits, Jan Slavin, Bob Solone, Nick Sula, Catherine Thomson, Jeannie Tanner, Joanie Winter, Ellen Winters Reynolds, Pat Rusk, Kevin Wood
With Special appearances by Joan Curto, Bob Howell, Daniel Johnson, Charles Kouri, Dan Michel, Spider Saloff, David Stephens, Charles Troy, Karen Willough

In Memoriam: Jim Cebastien, Barbara Lee Cohen, Don Conover, Tecora Rogers, Seymour Zitomersky

This concert is being presented to Chicagoland nursing homes, assisted living, and retirement center's staff & residents to lift spirits with
The Gift of Music.


All The World’s a Stage….until we can get back on one…..

A look back at Christmas 2019….no traveling to Minnesota this year…..we celebrate our 35th (!) anniversary on December 30th 2020.

We had a great time at home with mom and the family for Christmas
The Sisters (Nancy Tookie, Suzy) and Mom The Girl Cousins at Mom's on Xmas (Tookie, Nancy, Mary, Suzy)

Christmas with the cousins at Mom's

Then we came back to Chicago to celebrate our 34th wedding anniversary on December 30!
At Chief O'Neill's yay, lots of work/play there in 2019!

Suz and Bob and Lucy plus Max (our friendly neighborhood alley cat)

Check out our video from the 2014 CCP Gala https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCY3WhqFh6E

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