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Suzanne Petri at Davenport’s
Read the review here!


“Book of Mercy” by Carson Grace Becker at Chicago Dramatists Suzanne Petri and Richard Henzel

“Waiting For Lefty” at American Blues Theater Suzanne and Manny Buckley


Thank you for visiting! I'm very excited to share with you my website. Thanks to the Illinois Arts Council and the Chicago Community Arts Assistance Program and most of all to my wonderful designer, Kevin Buckstiegel!

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Dear Friends,
Welcome to the 2020's!!
Can you believe that January is over??
2019 was so insane…It was a crazy, busy year dear friends, what a time it's been!
Just nonstop overwhelm, multitasking, using both sides of my brain and getting it all done… I need a rest! We just want to thank everybody for supporting us in every venture, our first big benefit for Perennial Theater and all that entailed, our 21st Anniversary Gala Benefit for Chicago Cabaret Professionals, and our fundraiser, "SuzBo and Friends" with Bob Moreen, Lynne Jordan, John Eskola, John Mohrlein, Elizabeth Doyle and Kathleen Lawlor, which was incredibly fun but overwhelmed by the other ones!

Thanks to the fabulous audience of beautiful people who came to support us! With all the shows and benefits it was hard to promote our show but you guys came out and we appreciate it so much. we will do more Bob and I thank you all!

Of course there were many other shows including SagAftra Radio Shows The Shipment of Mute Fate, Gunsmoke, Life of Riley and The Philadelphia Story. What a joy to play Tracy Lord twice with a brilliant cast of actors/friends, including our great Director Bob Maher and Producer, Herb Lichtenstein.

Tracy and C.K. Dexter Haven (Bill Thompson)

CCP Gala; Songs That Make The Whole World Sing!

KT McCammond, KT Sullivan and Suzy "Diva Dishe" Petri

Camilla Hawk, chair of Tickets and Decorations.OY!

Thanks to our wonderful director and chair of our Entertainment Committee, Kay Martinovich….you made it happen!
Also, thanks of course to all the chairs and committees of Perennial Theatre Company and the staff and crew of Chief O'Neill's.

We had a great time at home with mom and the family for Christmas
The Sisters (Nancy Tookie, Suzy) and Mom The Girl Cousins at Mom's on Xmas (Tookie, Nancy, Mary, Suzy)

Christmas with the cousins at Mom's

Then we came back to Chicago to celebrate our 34th wedding anniversary on December 30!
At Chief O'Neill's yay, lots of work/play there in 2019!

Anniversary night

2020 has not been too relaxing a time to focus on my work….
Now that it's February 1st I am on the computers and reading and writing and finishing this update!
Also continuing Perennial work as we create a 2020 season, and looking forward to the Year of Chicago Music and SUZBO fun bookings in the New Year!
#2020isYOCM   #ChiMusic  #ChicagoCabaret
Chicago Cabaret - https://www.facebook.com/Chicago-Cabaret-Professionals-25001808929/

On the 31st of January we finished moving out of one storage space into another. Just in time, we got out by the end of the month!

Next up is Audio Description for ROAN @ THE GATES
Sunday, Feb 16th
Audio Described Performance at 2:30pm/Touch Tour @1pm
Written by: Christina Telesca Gorman*
Directed by: Lexi Saunders

Nat is an outspoken civil rights attorney; Roan, the quiet one, is an NSA analyst who isn't even allowed to tell her wife the location of her next business trip. A long-time couple confronts questions about their marriage they never thought to ask as their personal relationship collides with national security. "Timely, thought-provoking play." – Broadway World

Read our Artistic Director's note and Backstage Guide.
*Ensemble member or Artistic Affiliate of American Blues Theater

• Use code 2 for 1 to receive a free ticket with the purchase of a full-priced ticket.
Good only for shows January 31 - February 9, subject to availability.
Call (773) 654-3103 or visit AmericanBluesTheater.com
• Duration: 75 min; no intermission
• Location: Stage 773 at 1225 W Belmont Ave

Many thanks for all your support just a crazy life of collaborating with fantastic people dancing, singing, acting and creating till those golden cows come home.
We made it through January and I promise to keep you posted, especially all your new people… welcome to the SUZBO newsletter!
With great gratitude and abundance and hope for the best for the people of our planet.
Love and hugs all around,
Suz and Bob and Lucy plus Max (our friendly neighborhood alley cat)

Check out our video from the 2014 CCP Gala https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCY3WhqFh6E

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